Corporate Social Responsibility

Work-Life Βalance

Here, we follow the concept of balanced life between our "work" and "life". Our career and ambitions co-exist and do not compete with health, leisure, family and personal development.


Bioclimatic Design

Our premises are established in a high-end building complex which is designed in a way to exploit the local climatic characteristics.

The bioclimatic design of our building ensures the following:

  • Heat protection of the building in winter as well as in summer, applying techniques to its external envelope (insulation and air tightness of its openings).
  • Use of solar energy for heating the building in the winter season and for all year day lighting (optimum orientation, openings towards the south).
  • Protection of the building from the summer sun, by shading and by the use of reflective colors and surfaces.
  • Removal of the heat which accumulates in summer in the building to the surrounding environment using passive cooling systems and techniques (natural ventilation).
  • Improvement – adjustment of environmental conditions in the interior of the building so that our staff find it comfortable and pleasant (increasing the air movement inside spaces, heat storage and cool storage in walls).
  • Ensuring solar control for day lighting of the building, in order to provide sufficient and evenly distributed light in interior spaces.
  • Improvement of the microclimate around the building, through the bioclimatic design of exterior spaces and in general, of the built environment.


Recycling Practices

Applying a top down approach, every day we are ramping up our efforts to go more and more green. Through the use of latest archiving technologies and the establishment of our local network we avoid printing. We are recycling all waste streams and we refill our printer cartridges. Our equipment and batteries are safely deposited through recycling programs.


Energy friendly

We use central high-end clima control equipment for heating and cooling. We also use low-consumption and environment friendly light bulbs.



We aim at creating long-term client-employee-employer value through the promotion of our "green" habits which focuses on the natural environment and taking into consideration every dimension of how our business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment.



Our efforts focus on formulating strategies which foster transparency and proper employee development. Our business practices, policies and way of doing things are built around social and environmental considerations. We work without discriminations. We welcome everyone and we promote an open culture, a multidisciplinary and a multicultural environment..



We promote the bottom-up strategy inside the company as we believe that it improves performance and efficiency. We believe that we are characterized by high levels of clarity, accuracy and good manners.


Focus on the Community

Our impact needs to be big, since our main goal is to make the world a tiny bit better. In this context, we target at the engagement of the community in order to understand our concerns. We reach out to the community as our way to accomplish our goals is through open consultation with the final beneficiaries of our deliverables and services.


Employee engagement

We first look inside before reaching outside. We invest in our employee’s involvement in our company’s innovation and creative processes. This is our engine and our motivator for developing our services and goods.


Health and Safety

Health and safety of our staff is a top priority. We provide control of the health and safety risks arising from our activities and we consult with our employees on issues related to their health and safety. Our company provides and maintains safe equipment and ensures safe handling providing instructions and supervision. We ensure that all our staff is able and trained to perform their tasks in order to prevent hazards, accidents and work-related ills as well as to preserve safe and healthy working conditions.