Project Description

The project aims to improve the accessibility and the mobility of the passengers across the Adriatic and its hinterland, through the development of new cross-border (CB), sustainable and integrated transport services and through the improvement of the infrastructures linked to the provided services.


Description of Provided Services

The company provides the following services:
  • Elaboration of project's progress reports, including the final one.
  • Revision of the local communication plan.
  • Production of reports related to the project (work progress, results, initiatives), the project website and the contractor.
  • List of specialized bodies - contacts for the promotion and publicity of the project activities in Greece and participation in the database of internal and external stakeholders of the port area.
  • Production of press releases for the presentation of the project to local media.
  • Organization of an OpenDay.
  • Creation of promotional material.
  • Participation in the implementation of capitalization plan.
  • Analysis of good practices.
  • Elaboration of Local Sustainability Plan.
  • Participation in technical working groups: preparation and participation (cross-border and localy) with themes of common interest such as development of IT applications for the protection, safety and development of new services related to passengers.
  • Participation to the definition of roadmaps and action plans of the identified priorities / interventions, in cross-border and local level.
  • Preparation and approval of cross-border agreements for the optimization and sustainability of passenger transportation.
  • Participation in the development of a sustainable passenger transport strategy and measures in order to reduce the environmental footprint.
  • Provide support assistance for the implementation of the pilot project (development of technical equipment purchase tender specifications, installation and implementation supervision) in order to improve the services provided to travelers.
  • Contribution to the Feasibility Study for the strengthening of multimodal transportation.
  • Contribution to the evaluation of the project results.