Project Description

The Adapt2change LIFE09 / ENV / GR / 000296 "Adapting Agricultural Production to climate change and limited Water Supply" project aims to present the adaptation of agricultural production to climate change and reduced available water resources. The project partnership consists of TEI of Thessaly (project co-ordinator) and Agricultural Research Institute, the TEI of Piraeus, KEK Europliroforisi, ICON Group and University of Thessaly as associated beneficiaries. The The Adapt2Change project officially started on 1 September 2010 and it is scheduled to last 72 months. The demonstration of the practical adaptation of agricultural production to climate change is achieved by the construction and operation of four fully automated hydroponic greenhouses covering a total area of ​​870m2.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects Ltd supports the co-ordinating beneficiary providing monitoring, management and coordination services for the implementation of the European co-funded project. Specifically, the services provided relate to:
  1. Verification of the eligibility of expenditure for each partner,
  2. Control the quality and timing of preparation of deliverables,
  3. Preparation of reports for the European Commission, including the coordination of actions with the controllers of expenditure,
  4. Coordination of actions, facilitation of exchange of information and cooperation between the partners and the Europeran Commission,
  5. Evaluatation and documentation on the effectiveness of actions in relation to the objectives and expected results of ADAPT2CHANGE, f. the organization of meetings of the Steering Committee (at least one per year)
  6. promotion of the networking between partners.
The company also provides support to the project partners in the activities related to Publicity and Dissemination of Information on all events and keeping the corresponding minutes of the meetings.