Project Description

The Region of Ionian Islands implements the ADRI-SEAPLANES project in collaboration with several partners across the Adriatic basin, with a view to create the best conditions for the set up of a sustainable seaplanes system. The initiative is expected to facilitate the development of an alternative and faster way of transport through the set up of a stable seaplane connection, through the following steps:

  1. Harmonization of the conditions at normative, operational and structural level in order to facilitate investments.
  2. Development of the required infrastructure at local ports, including investments related to security, in order to obtain the status of water airports. In that respect, Living Prospects, in collaboration with the local stakeholders (notably the port of Corfu), has elaborated a set of technical specifications for the installation of a seaplanes mooring station on Corfu island.
  3. Involvement of the private sector in the activities, as indirect beneficiaries of project results.
  4. Support at political, institutional and operational level of the newly established seaplane system through the set up of an Adriatic seaplane Steering Committee, whose aim is also to enlarge the network of seaplane also to other Adriatic Ports. The project involves the provision of project management and communication support and technical expertise services to the Region of Ionian islands.

Description of Provided Services

  1. Elaboration of technical specifications for the supply and installation of equipment and light infrastructure required for the seaplanes mooring station.
  2. Elaboration of technical studies (state of play, best practices, etc.).
  3. Consultations with the competent Ministries, local authorities and other stakeholders.
  4. Project management.
  5. Implementation of networking and dissemination activities.