Project Description

The ADRIATinn project “An Adriatic Network for Advancing Research Development and Innovation towards the Creation of new Policies for Sustainable Competiveness and Technological Capacity of SMEs” aims to increase the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) active in the Adriatic region, supporting them in maintaining their current market share and improving their extroversion through a cross-border system that favours the adoption of ICTs, as well as innovation and specialization.

Description of Provided Services

The company provides the following services:
  • Project Management (Support to the Contracting Authority for the effective daily management and coordination of the project)
  • Project Financial Management (Submission of Progress Reports and of the final project report)
  • Intermediate Evaluation (internal quality check of the project deliverables)
  • Elaboration of a Capitalization Plan
  • Support in consultations and in meetings to discuss policy and strategies supporting RDI
  • Elaboration of a report – study reviewing best practices in the RDI field, with an inventory of current national and regional policies as well as national legislation
  • Elaboration of recommendations for policy change, creation of a favorable RDI system for SMEs and informing national and regional authorities
  • Updating the platform that has been developed with the data and information on emerging economic sectors and elaboration of the corresponding report