Project Description

The project ARGES “pAssengeRs and loGistics information Exchange System” aims at creating a new homogenized organizational and information service in the Ionian and Adriatic ports with a view to strengthen competitiveness  and improve the services provided to the passengers and visitors of coastal areas.

The project is based on the longtime cooperation activities between Italian and Greek ports. The specific objectives of ARGES are:

  1. Strengthening of passengers and cargo accessibility and mobility within the region of project implementation, using a common transnational information system for adapting to EU Directive 65/2010 and the national regulations, creating the conditions for future management and development of passengers and freight flows.
  2. Strengthening of the transportation services reorganization around the existing network, so as to reduce traffic spikes and to control the road and traffic conditions of the last kilometer.
  3. Harmonization of information and data exchange between institutions in order to ensure a higher level of safety and to optimize the use of such data for security purposes, planning and personalization of services offered to passengers.
  4. Procurement of more tools able to optimize the management and use of long-distances and so-called "last mile" itineraries.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects Ltd provides consulting services to support OLPA in the implementation of ARGES project, and specifically action 1.2 «Administrative Coordination and Financial Management», which is part of the Work Package 1: Economic - Administrative Project Management. As part of its work, the company is responsible for the implementation of the following deliverables:
  • DE1. Progress Reports of physical and financial object of the Project
  • DE2. Final Report of the Project
  • DE3. Modification Reports of the project, and other reports that may be required
  • DE4. Presentations – Conferences– Meetings
  • DE5. Keeping the Project Folder update