Project Description

The project concerns the Elaboration of a GHG Emmissions Assessment of the client’s facilities at Flisvos Marina. The energy footprint for 2016 will be assessed.


Description of Provided Services

The services provided by the company include the following:
  • Interview – Discussion with persons responsible – staff employed by the client on emission issues relevant to the calculation of the client’s energy footprint (mainly CO2).
  • Inspections of the Customer's facilities, update of existing visual material
  • Application of an established methodology based on the principles of the International Standard for the Emission of Gases ISO 14064: 2006, for the estimation of the Client's energy footprint and recording of the results.
  • Proposal for measures to improve the Flisvos Marina Energy Footprint
  • Elaboration of a report to inform the client about the findings of the assessment.