Project Description

The basic objective of the foundation of a welfare corporation is the address issues of ederly people who lack family care. The operation of "Saint TAVITHA" aims to continue to provide services to the citizens such as these of the Urban Non Profitable Company OTA, after adjusting municipality’s enterprises under the new Municipal and Communal Code. The creation of the new corporation and its funding by the Municipality requires the developing of both economic and technical feasibility study and other two-year action plan.

Description of Provided Services

The services provided by Living Prospects Ltd focus on elaborating a feasibility study of Municipal Welfare Corporation of the Municipality of Ilioupoli and a Biennial Programme of Action. For their implementation, the necessary estimated data with protocol number 43886 / 03.08.2007 document of the Ministry of Interior Affairs were taken into consideration. Specifically, the implementation of the feasibility study was conducted in the following three phases:
  1. Data collection, Mapping current situation and exploration of strategic options (Organizational Structure and Job, activities, economic situation, social characteristics of the region).
  2. Preparation of the financial and technical viability study. During this phase analyzed the financial and other information gathered in the previous stage and prepared the feasibility study sustainability.
  3. Presentation Control and Improvements. In the last phase of the project were presented to the Municipal Authority of the elaborated plans economic and technical viability study and recorded these comments have been incorporated in the plan for the formation of the final text of the study.