Project Description

The Citizen Artist Incubator/CAI project aims to bridge the gap between traditional classifications of “high” and “low” (or “community”) arts, facilitating unprecedented initiatives on the edge of artistic innovation and human need, through the training/professionalization of forty (40) selected citizen artists during two (2) incubation camps.

Description of Provided Services

The company provided the following services:
  • Support in the organization of two (2) promotional events for CAI in Corfu and Andros;
  • Promotion of the CAI project results;
  • Communication support to the CulturePolis representatives during the project’s 2nd Incubation Camp and Conference in Linz, Austria;
  • Design and production of 500 copies and electronic dissemination of a CAI project leaflet;
  • Design and production of special newsletters, posts, articles.