Project Description

The Citizen Artist Incubator/CAI aims to bridge the gap between traditional classifications of “high” and “low” (or “community”) arts, facilitating unprecedented initiatives on the edge of artistic innovation and human need, through the training/professionalization of 15 selected citizen artists at the time.

Description of Provided Services

The company provides the following services:
  • Management and financial monitoring of the project
  • Supervision of the Financial and Physical Object of the Partner’s Activities
  • Elaboration and Submission of Progress Reports to the Managing Authority of the Programme
  • Updating the Project Schedule
  • Communication with other partners and involved authorities
  • Maintaining of a Project File
  • Preparation and Submission of Expenditure Validation Requests of the Contracting Authority
  • Provision of technical support in creation of a virtual incubator, and in the development and updating of the project website
  • Support in implementing promotional activities