Project Description

The funded within the context of transnational cooperation programme INTERREG Greece - Italy 2007 - 2013, City - PortEcoLogistic (CiELo), focuses on improving transportation in 4 cities - bases of partners (Bari, Brindisi, Patras and Corfu), which are characterized by similar elements and problems. Objectives of project are: A. Analyzing the existing situation of urban mobility in the cities-targets and coordinating appropriate actions in order to improve the citizens’ life quality. B. Designing of an environmentally friendly transport network (e.g., bicycles, electric or hydrogen cars, buses, etc.), encouraging citizens to reduce the use of private vehicles and greater use of environmentally-friendly modes and means of transportation. C. Suggesting and implementing of different actions in the cities-targets in order to link them to their strategic spots (old town, railway station, airport) e.g. A traffic-calm zone in the coastal region of Bari, a bicycle sharing system for tourists (and citizens) in Brindisi, a bicycle sharing system in Patras, a regional parking served by electric power-assisted bicycles in Corfu. D. Providing relevant results to the institutions and citizens to make aware of the problems related to the use of cars and other traditional means of transportation.

Description of Provided Services

In the context of CiELo project, Living Prospects Ltd has undertaken the «Project administration support of CiELo project and implementation support of the actions: A.Analysis of the current situation and creation of a sustainable development plan of vehicle routes in Patras and Corfu and Β. Declaration in support of "Park and ride" service with environmentally friendly vehicles». Deliverables of the project are:
  1. 5 Intermediate reports
  2. 1 Progress report
  3. Research – analysis of the existing situation and production of sustainable development plan of routes vehicles in the city of Corfu.
  4. Complete issues of the international competition related to the submission of tenders for the parking construction and the creation of two sharing points of electric bicycle.