Project Description

EASY CONNECTING project was designed and developed aiming at strengthening cooperation of the entire IPA Adriatic Programme area, to find common solutions for the improvement of freight transport infrastructures and services. The project aims to implement new European transport policies focusing on the main routes of commercial transportation and their efficient management, including all key stakeholders, by providing incentives for the role of ports and logistics in order to develop platforms and find effective solutions for security and environment. Moreover, the EASY-CONNECTING project is an experimental tool to support the Adriatic and Ionian area, stimulating debate and advisory services on key priorities in the transport of goods in the next programming period. Operators of public and private organizations are the main beneficiaries. As regards the project partnership, the program aims at involving all countries covered by the IPA Adriatic European Territorial Cooperation Programme, in order to ensure wider dissemination of project results.

Description of Provided Services

Provision of technical and scientific support services with regards to the monitoring and management tasks of the IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 European project «EUROPE-ADRIATIC SEA-WAY FREIGHT -EASYCONNECTING». The scope of the project includes the support of all administrative tasks, with a view to effectively implement the project and achieve the expected outputs and results.