Project Description

“ENERGEIN” project aims to exploit the great potential for the promotion of harmonious, balanced and sustainable energy development at regional, interregional and cross-border level that will:

  1. Demonstrate and implement mature and innovative projects for Energy Savings & Renewable Energy Sources in premises, infrastructures and public sector buildings, contributing positively to citizens life and sustainable development
  2. Lead to private investments in the regions, starting with the demonstration of projects and actions of ENERGEIN
  3. Create of new jobs and development of new innovative markets
  4. Contribute to European and national targets of Greece and Cyprus (20-20-20) and preparing macro-regional development policy for the new programming period (2014-2020), through specialization strategy formulation "EUROPE 2020" and the future cohesion policy
  5. Contribute to energy security and climate change
  6. Lead to energy upgrade of touristic infrastructures, which contributes the development of tourism and creation of new jobs

Description of Provided Services

Provision of consulting services to the client to elaborate the Action Plan of Sustainable Energy Development in Cyprus in the context of ENERGEIN Project - implemented in the context of cross-border cooperation program ‘’GREECE-CYPRUS 2007-2013". Particularly, the provided services include:
  • Consultations with all stakeholders in Cyprus, taking into account modern policies (2014-2020, Covenant of Mayors, Covenant of Islands, etc.),
  • Identification and comprehensive analysis of the external environment for sustainable energy development in Cyprus as well as the internal environment of policymakers for the sustainable energy development of Cyprus.
  • Definition of priorities for the sustainable development strategies of Cyprus – Implementation of strategic plan for sustainable energy.