Project Description

Supply and installation of Standard Greenhouse Units at Zygi’s experimental station of the Agricultural Research Institute, as part of the European LIFE + Adapt2Change Programme: "Adaptation of Agricultural production in greenhouses to limited water supply and minimum CO2 emission by the use of shallow geothermal energy".

Adapt2Change aims to present the adaptation of agricultural production to climate change and reduction of available water resources. The demonstration of the methods for the adaptation of agricultural production to climate change is achieved by the construction and operation of four fully automated hydroponic greenhouses of modified arched type and total area of ​​870 m2.

Description of Provided Services

In the context of the present project, Living Prospects Ltd had undertaken and provided the following services - researches at the Agricultural Research Institute:
  • Plan to limit the environmental impacts of the project. (Determination of environmental load change due to the implementation of water recycling system and a evaluation of cost - benefit potentials
  • Interoperability Research due to the application of water recycling system. (Analysis of the interoperability requirements of the subsystems between each other and specification of the interoperation requirements with the Central Project Management Platform.)
  • Methodology, program and training material. (Creation of an issue referred to the organization of the education process, training of the program, creating project material as well as methodology for evaluating the results of education and certification process.)
  • Safety Research. (Policy and appropriate Security measures throughout the life cycle and operation of the units.)
  • Business Plan of the Operating Unit Administration Mechanism. (Creation of an issue referred to the organization of the operating procedures, organization and estimated cost management of the units)
  • Scenarios and monitoring methodology. (Creation of a complete guide on the process and control testing within the deliveries of the project.)