Project Description

Elaboration of a brief investment plan and a letter of interest for the valorisation of the Port of Imerolia, located on the northeast side of Corfu Island.



Description of Provided Services

The provision of consultancy services and the elaboration of a brief investment plan for the valorisation of the port of Imerolia. Particularlt, LP provided the following services:
  • Recording and presenting brief background, objectives, activities and the financial results of the Investor and of the SOCIUM-A company.
  • Detailed presentation of the investment and socio-economic factors of the investment area. In particular, LP conducted research, recording and presenting the investment area (geographic and climatic aspects), the socio-economic environment, the maturation of the investment, presentation of the process related to the concession and the licensing of the construction, the necessary studies for the construction of a breakwater and electro-engineering works and its investment development scenarios.
  • Detailed presentation of the timeplan of the investment
  • Detailed economic evaluation of the investment, estimating the revenues and the costs of the works and the socio-economic impacts in the area.