Project Description

The department of development of energy policies within the EU  Programme - China Energy & Environment, has designed a tour - study in 3 European countries (Greece, Italy and Austria), in order to promote the exchange of policies and practical experiences between China and the European countries on the Resource Conservation City. The research focused on policies, key programs, national or local (municipal) plans, and economic, financial, fiscal measures for the construction of the City of China Resources Conservation in Europe. Maintaining resource based on the following pillars: (1) Energy Saving (2) Water Saving, (3) save raw materials, (4) land saving and intensive use; (5) Utilization of Resources Integration.

Description of Provided Services

The work involved the facilitation of the visit of Chinese representatives in Athens and also included the following activities:
  • Design of a study-tour, including meetings with experts on Sustainable Development and makers of policies - strategies.
  • Facilitating the organization and hosting of meetings between Chinese Representatives with various experts and organizations in Greece, such as Flisvos Marina and the Municipality of Athens.