Project Description

ISCI project – “Innovative Services to strengthen cooperation and the internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the field of agro-industry”, aims at:

  • The development of innovative scientific and technological tools, in order to strengthen cooperation between cross-border SMEs.
  • Strengthening their accessibility to international markets
  • The design and development of two scientific and technological innovation incubators for the internationalization of SMEs in Greece-Italy area
  • The development, distribution and diffusion of knowledge for improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the agri-food sector
  • The strengthening of services for the promotion of innovation for SMEs

Description of Provided Services

Τhe scope of the provided services to the Ionian Islands Development Enterprise S.A. is the technical support for the implementation of activities that require specialized expertise on specific communication issues and organizing communication events and meetings. Specifically, the services provided include:
  1. Coordination for the organization of two Local Publicity Workshops in Corfu including catering services.
  2. Organization of 2 brainstorming meetings with the participation of 70 representatives of local agri-food businesses, their customers and suppliers.
  3. Organization of one meeting with 20 local agri-food businesses who will participate in the implementation of 20 case studies.
  4. Organisation 20 cross-border cooperation workshops related to agro-food enterprises of Corfu.
  5. Organization of one meeting with 20 local agri-food businesses that will participate in the technological incubator.
  6. Organization of one meeting for the design and completion of a strategic agreement for the further sustainable development of the project.