Project Description

The project aims to identify the effects of seasonal fluctuations of the amount of trash in the Mediterranean islands due to tourism. 14 partners from 8 Mediterranean states intend to deal with common challenges in the islands, where tourism is a key pillar of local economy, although it also affects the environment and the management of the increased amount of trash by existing management systems.

Within the framework of the project, data is collected on the quantity and quality of trash produced by the tourism industry, while the existing management methods and their cost are analysed. Data analysis will lead to a policy making tool for sustainable tourism development at a local and regional level. Through the dissemination of the above information and the exchange of knowledge and experience between stakeholders, the project will promote regulatory changes and adjustments for the management of the seasonality of trash and will contribute to the training and capacity development of the stakeholders (municipalities, hotels, coastal businesses, tourist agents, etc.)

Description of Provided Services

  • Constant administrative and financial management of the project / progess reports / support in working meetings of the project’s Steering Committee