Project Description

The project aims to promote sustainable practices for the tourism development of coastal areas in synergy with Integrates Coastal Zone Management and Maritime Spacial Planning, through the implementation of indicated measures, such as those specified in the relevant study for tourism development in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace.

The sustainable tourism development of coastal regions is key for the advancement of the region and the boosting of the tourism offer, as well as the region’s carrying capacity. The project also includes practical activities to analyse and determine the existing situation in the selected pilot areas, and testing activities during which tools, policy strategies and common plans elaborated during the pilot actions phase, will be tested, with the aim of implementing solutions for a broad mix of users and regions.

Description of Provided Services

The services provided by the company include the following:
  • Act. 1.2: Development of software (Project Monitoring and Evaluation System, PMES) for the evaluation of project progress.
  • Act. 1.3 Constant administrative and financial management of the project / progess reports / support in working meetings of the project’s Steering Committee
  • Act. 1.4: Managing and ensuring project quality: Elaboration of a Manual for Quality Management – Structure of the Quality Management System, Interim Quality Reports, Final Quality report