Project Description

The project aims to create a Mediterranean Cluster of Maritime Surveillance which promotes innovation, Research & Development, knowledge and technology transfer and transnational cooperation between the main stakeholders in maritime surveillance, with a focus on security mechanisms in the Mediterranean. To achieve this goal, LP will employ an integrated methodology for the implementation of the project which will contribute to the provision of methods for information and data transfer between the bodies interested or active in Maritime Surveillance. This will make surveillance cheaper and more effective, as until now the EU and national authorities competent in different aspects of surveillance (indicatively, border controls, safety and protection, fisheries controls, customs, environment or defense), each collect their own data, often without sharing with other relevant bodies.

Description of Provided Services

The services provided by the company include the following:
  • Mapping of existing situation: Identification of common challenges and opportunities for synergies in the Mediterranean area
  • Elaboration of Methodology for the Mediterranean Maritime Surveillance Cluster
  • Elaboration of Methodology for the Implementation of Pilot Actions
  • Identification of new business opportunities – Links with Maritime Surveillance
  • Methodology for Monitoring and Evaluating pilot actions
  • Elaboration of an Action Plan for strengthening synergies with other clusters and networks