Project Description

PELAGOS aims to establish a permanent Cluster of national HUBs in the Blue Energy (BE) sector, where technical experiences are shared. Permanent communication among actors is a crucial asset for the evolution and advancement of the project and its effective contribution to the Blue Growth of Mediterranean coastal, insular and offshore regions.

The specific scope of PELAGOS is to facilitate the deployment of targeted technological solutions and products that are tailored to the characteristics of the Mediterranean environment.

It will address both the request for adequate information and support expressed by the several direct stakeholders in the Blue Energy value chain, and the demand for economic, environmental and societal sustainability coming from private and public bodies and citizens.

Description of Provided Services

The services provided by the company include the following:
  • Identification of the key participants of the national hubs of the Blue Energy Cluster
  • Profiling of the innovation level of SMEs
  • Elaboration of innovation plans indicated by the Blue Energy market
  • Business missions to end users of the shipping industry
  • Elaboration of business plans for possible investors through guidance and promotion services
  • Services for the creation of open innovation pathways