Project Description

The Port Authority of Corfu (O.L.KE. SA) participated in the "Pelagos" project implemented under the INTERREG IIIA Greece – Italy Programme. The "Pelagos" project aims to develop an integrated management plan for the border checkpoints of Bari and Corfu, a Greek-Italian cooperation. The project also proposes a model for the development and piloting of a system of controls at EU borders, a system which is able to improve security in the ports of the two countries, through the effective use of rules and procedures related to security issues and especially those related to the presence of well-trained workforce in ports. Under this project, the O.L.KE. SA proceeded with the purchase and installation of technology platform equipment (control and monitoring systems of Corfu and Bari ports).

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects worked directly with the management and executives of O.L.KE. SA for the preparation of project management reports, as well as for checking the eligibility of expenditure. Nine Progress Reports and the Final Report were elaborated by Living Prospects. Executives form Living Prospects Ltd provided support to O.L.KE. in the implementation of project activities, including documentation linkded with physical and financial activities.