Project Description

Poseidon Med II aims to contribute to the reduction of the negative impacts of heavy fuel oil powering and to facilitate the implementation of the requirements of a number of EU Directives regarding alternative fuels for a sustainable future in the shipping industry.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Facilitate the adoption of the regulatory framework for the LNG bunkering;
  • Design the extension of the Revithoussa LNG terminal;
  • Design and construct an LNG fuelled specific feeder vessel;
  • Implement technical designs and plan approvals for the retrofit/new building of LNG fuelled vessels and for additional ports’ infrastructure for bunkering operations;
  • Examine potential synergies with other uses of LNG;
  • Develop a sustainable LNG trading and pricing pattern;
  • Develop financial instruments to support the port and vessel installations;
  • Develop synergies with other sectors (mainly Energy) that will create economies of scale in the use of LNG.

Description of Provided Services

The company provides the following services:  
  • Management & Coordination of the project;
  • Dissemination of Project Results;
  • Elaboration of an Publication regarding Public Consultation and Informing the Public;
  • Preparation of Supporting Technical Studies;
  • Preliminary Technical Design of Additional Port Infrastructure;
  • Elaboration of Final Environmental Studies;
  • Preparation of Final Designs for the Construction of Additional Port Infrastructures;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents;
  • Adaptation and Implementation of the LNG Refueling Regulatory Framework;
  • Design of Technical Studies for boats that will use LNG as fuel.