Project Description

The LIFE08/ENV/IT/428 SOILPRO project is an innovative project for the implementation of European policy for the protection and management of soil resources. It aims at supporting local authorities (Regional Administrations) to acquire the necessary expertise and experience in order to understand and address issues of land management and to meet the requirements of the forthcoming EU legislation in this area. It focuses on identifying / determining such areas, (within each region) which are at high risk of soil degradation. It uses a system based on historical data by using cutting-edge technologies such as GIS and remote sensing to help local authorities to better understand the extent of the problem. The partnership consists of institutions from Italy and Greece. The project supports cooperation between selected local authorities in Greece and Italy (Regions of Peloponnese and Sicily) and research institutes (University of Athens and CRA-ABP in Italy) in an international context, promoting the development of methodologies for monitoring and management of soil degradation.

Description of Provided Services

The project is about the preparation of a soil protection policy and intervention plan in selected areas of the region of Peloponnese under the LIFE + SOILPRO Project “Monitoring for Soil Protection”, including:
  1. Technical analysis report of the results from the application of risk models in Peloponnese, by selecting of specific sub- areas to implement policies to protect and mitigate land degradation
  2. Drawing up policies to protect and reduce land degradation and
  3. Prepare technical bulletins for projects under jointly developed policies for the protection and mitigation of land degradation.