Project Description

TEESCHOOLS aims at providing new solutions to Local Authorities both in technical and financial terms to implement Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) renovation activities in Mediterranean Schools.

Project key outputs are:

  • Integrated set of tools supporting energy efficiency management in schools with carbon footprint calculator; best practices database for NZEB energy renovation of school buildings; financial solutions and schemes for energy efficiency. These tools will be tested in all partner countries and will be adapted and harmonized with the objective to be used in local, regional and national energy plans.
  • Pilots applications at school buildings: energy audits, renovation plans, calculation of carbon footprint of the renovation activities, development of energy service models and financing schemes.
  • E-learning and face-to-face training of Regional and Municipal technical staff, energy managers and students.
  • Development of policy recommendations and integration of project outputs to city plans.

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Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects is a Project Partner, mainly involved in the technical part of the project. Beyond the Management and communication activities, LP will actively participate in the implementation of the following activities:
  • Coordination and monitoring of the impacts of project activities
  • Scheduling methodology and selection of school buildings
  • Energy Audits and adaptation of the relevant tool
  • Evaluation and validation of the tool
  • Training of technicians and local administrators on issues concerning energy & environment
  • Seminar for audits procedure
  • Development of the protocol of the application of the tool and of the model of intervention
  • Workshop for transferring internally the findings
  • TEESCHOOLS Trainings
  • Capitalizing TEESCHOOLS methodology
  • Integration of results in the action plans
  • Open lessons for behavioural change to teachers and students
  • Networking the results