Project Description

Priority of the Ministry in the field of environmental policy is the adoption of policies, measures and projects aimed at the prevention of the environmental degradation or its restoration, maintenance and improvement. For the better planning and coordination of the required actions and the issue of all regulations and the maturity of operations for the implementation of Law 4014/2011, the external consultant cooperation (Kantor) with the Ministry needed to completely confirm the action plan and schedule all the actions for its full implementation.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects Ltd, as subcontractor, had undertaken to support the Kantor in performing the contract between Kantor and Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change to provide services in the context of the project: “Technical Support Consultant for planning, coordination, supervision and maturity of the actions required for the issue of regulations for the implementation of Law 4014/2011 on environmental licensing and other regulations of environmental legislation”. Specifically, Living Prospects Ltd. assumed and performed the following:
  • Its participation in writing the technical specifications and generally the tender documents for each action / project following an agreement with the Office and in the time frame set by the Office
  • The support of Kantor in the clarification process of the arisen queries relevant to the scientific part of the substantive responsibility of the ministry throughout the whole project and its duration.