We implement the screening and the scoping process of specialized environmental projects focusing to the infrastructures, ports and industrial installations. Then, it follows the planning and the implementation of development studies and surveys in both co-financed and not co-financed -projects.

Related Services Provided:

  • Elaboration of Environmental Impact Studies (infrastructure projects, tourist complexes, industrial plants etc.), including studies and authorizations related to environmental management issues - hazardous waste, solid waste management, recycling, water treatment plants etc.
  • Elaboration of specialized managerial and technical studies for infrastructure facilities (including port facilities and land transport and marine) and industry.
  • Elaboration of technical and financial studies / Feasibility and sustainability studies for enterprises, investment plans etc.
  • Planning and conduct surveys (market, satisfaction, etc.) / analysis - evaluation of results and provided services
  • Planning / Management / Evaluation of development aid projects
  • Environmental audits on industrial plants
  • Investigation of the application of Best Available Techniques (BATs) for addressing environmental problems
  • Studies on integrated solutions for waste management
  • Preparation and submission of folder for the issuance of licenses for the collection, transportation, temporary storage and transshipment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste based on the specifications of the existing legislation on EU countries
  • Urban Reformation Projects