We provide consulting services to national and international institutions of the private and public sector on issues requiring special expertise and experience. Among others, our services include consulting assistance to the institutions and the enterprises of the narrow and broader public sector (central government, local government, public organizations, etc.), as well as to the private entrepreneurs in order to successfully implement their development / investment plans.

Indicative Services Provided:

  • Planning, management, technical and scientific support, implementation, maturation, evaluation of projects and programs related to the environment, infrastructure (including port facilities and land and maritime transport), local and regional affairs, development aid, culture, tourism etc.
  • Provision of consulting services for:
    • development of innovative activities (new investments)
    • training and education
    • establishment of corporate social responsibility programmes
    • selection of funding sources and programmes
  • Support the organization and operation of Municipalities and Municipal Enterprises (development of business plans, elaboration of tender documents, etc.) as well as existing or under establishment private enterprises (preparation of business plans, etc.)
    • Information Technology Applications (Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Data, Remote Sensing applications etc.)
    • Design - Implementation of Environmental Management Systems, Quality, Health and Safety at Work (EMAS, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001)