We support policy making in the fields of environment and development, by taking into consideration the three pillars of sustainability; economic feasibility, environmental viability and social desirability and by exploiting the experience and expertise of its members in the above areas. Particularly, LP forms policies suitable for public and private institutions, after having analysed the state of play and the prospects that can arise from it.

Related services provided

  • Policy making and protection plans for issues related to the environment, such as analysis of the current situation through software models, area mapping and data analysis using GIS, Satellite Remote Sensing Systems,
  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Fieldworks
  • Preparation and submission of proposals for funding projects /programs by national, European (co-financed by the EU), or other resources (elaboration of technical reports, project maturation activities)
  • Planning and monitoring of projects and programs combining regulatory, economic and other tools to integrate environmental policies into activities implemented by Local Authorities
  • Preparation and submission of technical bulletins for projects, considering both the needs and objectives of the project as well as the legal framework and the existing possibilities.
  • Elaboration of Sustainable Energy Development Plans, which include:
    • Analysis of the current situation,
    • Public consultations with stakeholders,
    • Defining priorities,
    • Identification of obstacles and conducting research on the prospects for development
  • Elaboration of Integrated Urban Development Plans / Rural Development Plans / Management of Land Use Plans / Tourism Plans