The "Blue Growth" is a long term sustainable development strategy of the marine and maritime sector, constituting an integrated maritime policy for the achievement of the objectives of the "Europe 2020" strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Sea and Oceans can contribute to the further development of the European economy considering that maritime sector generates 5.4 million jobs and an essential contribution to the gross value added (almost 500 billion annually).

Greece, consisting of numerous islands and having one of the largest fleets in the world, has the potential to become a European strategic port of "Blue" economic development. Living Prospects, realizing the geostrategic dynamics of the country in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, being a marine crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as the prospects of cooperation and economic growth arise through it, provides consulting services to port authorities, private and public bodies due projects related to the improvement of integrated maritime policies, improves the access in marinetime information, undertake efficient and sustainable administration and management of maritime activities and actions related to coastal tourism.


By taking into consideration the requirements of the customers as well as the local, climatic, oceanographic, cultural, economic, and social factors, LP’s staff provide technical consultation, conduct studies and surveys, implement Blue Strategic Plans and mandate the administration of national and international projects in order to adopt sustainable measures which promotes Blue Growth.



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