The impacts of climate change are already visible in many regions in all over the world. Environmental and Economic sustainability are undoubtedly linked. Thus, the decrease of carbon emissions would provide a quality world of living and as a result would contribute to the economic growth of both enterprises and nations. Rapid technological developments for the limitation of the impacts of climate change arise new investment opportunities, which can be sustainable under a national development policy.

Due the collaboration with environmental policymakers (DG Environment Committee of the Regions) in several projects, LP has been equipped with a solid understanding of the proposed policy changes. Particularly, LP has been involved with the planning and the operation of rural energy-efficient systems, while is also concerned with the writing and the evaluation of innovative proposals for climate change adaptation and mitigation and provides consultancy services related to climate change issues.


We modify and develop policies to address Climate Change by supporting policy makers, implementing customized technological methods in order to effectively reduce greenhouse gases emissions and increase the adaption capacity of a system in climate change.



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