The depletion of natural resources combined with the continuing and growing consumption of natural and material goods require more than ever the need to increase production by using fewer resources, as well as to change attitude by reducing consumption and reusing materials. Particularly, a number of policies and initiatives are required to be adopted in order to successfully undertake these challenges leading the society to a sustainable consumption – production system. This attitude will also improve the environmental footprint of the products throughout their life cycle, increasing the ecological awareness of the citizens and leading societies to a Circular Economy with zero waste.

The socio-economic status of the era, and the continuing growth of world population, increasing the needs and the demand of goods, makes the need for sustainable production and consumption particularly compelling. LP’s experienced consultants are fully aware of the existing situation and the needs of the era, through their involvement with national and international challenged projects. Furthermore, they specialized in policymaking defining as main objective the achievement of a sustainable society, contributing to a better and more self-sufficient future.


Based on our experience and expertise, we provide consulting services and conducts studies related to sustainable production and consumption, planning policies and assisting academic, research, private and government agencies in national and international projects.



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