Real Estates development constitutes a sector where great opportunities for investments can arise for national and international companies and individuals. The exploitation and the construction of real estate, and the development of already existing properties require proper planning and implementation actions. These actions can stimulate the strategic sectors of the national economy, particularly this of tourism which is considered of a great importance.

For the successful planning and implementation of the projects aiming in the real estate development, there is a series of necessary actions (studies, environmental licensing, market research, business plan development) that require the involvement of consultants with special expertise and experienced skills. In this context, Living Prospects, by undertaking and successfully completing major projects, has collaborated with numerous public and private actors, in order to achieve the successfully development of the customer’s real estate (use and development of port facilities, establishment and development of enterprises, development of tourist facilities etc.).


Above others, the company, its members and its partners have essential experience in the field of spatial planning, environment, electronic data processing, economics, law, etc.



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