Project Description

"Clean Urban Transport Systems" and the acronym "CUTS" project was implemented in the context of the Territorial Cooperation Programme "GREECE - ITALY 2007 - 2013" with the Municipality of Corfu as the Lead Partner. Project's overall aim is the improvement of the networks and transportation, information and communication by reducing the impact of CO2 emissions and by promoting low carbon activities related to transportation. The territorial integration (urban and rural areas) of the program area requires the development of networks and services in order to secure transportation, using ICT, improving the transport management and developing enhanced intermodal cross-border approaches.

Description of Provided Services

In the context of the WP1 'Management and Coordination', LP elaborated and submitted to Joint Technical Secretariat the progress project reports including the final report. In addition, LP elaborated and submitted the Expenditure Validation Request to the First Level Control Authority, on behalf of the Municipality of Corfu.