Quality and Environmental Policy

Living Prospects Development and Environmental Services Ltd, provides consulting and research services promoting inclusive green economy.

Our policy is based on the sustainable development of our activities while focusing on the growth of our customers and the protection of the natural and social environment, in order to make the world better and inspire others to do the same.

In this context, quality and environmental management is an inseparable part of all the company’s functions, giving priority to issues related to the protection of the physical and social environment, with responsibility and sensitivity, as well as aiming to provide timely, efficient and high quality services, responding to all our clients’ needs.

This commitment is part of our social responsibility and we believe that it contributes to the maximization of the benefits that arise from the operation of our company, for our clients, employees, shareholders and final beneficiaries.

We implement our commitment by applying the principles of prevention and protection, the transparency and publication of our actions, the further development and optimization of our operations, the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement of our performance in a justified manner, protecting and having the environment as a direct part of our activities.

For this purpose, the Company has designed and applies a dynamic, comprehensive, Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System and has established a responsible and accountable person for the management of this System with organizational independence and jurisdiction to ensure that the System is applied, by taking appropriate corrective actions whenever this is necessary.  In this context, we commit to/for:

  • Provide the best available response to our clients, based on justified data and tailored requirements, through a clear and continuous identification of their needs aiming at their continuous and full satisfaction.
  • The constant upgrade and improvement of the quality of our services through the establishment of specific and quantified goals and objectives, the provision of the necessary resources to achieve them, the development of plans and continuous reporting procedures, the establishment of environmental programs for the management of the environmental impact that the company directly or indirectly creates and/or addresses, the monitoring and the implementation of modern technologies and practices, as well as the information, training and participation of our employees in our environmental management procedures.
  • Focus on processes and not just on procedures.
  • The continuous evaluation of our System, so that the data collected through quantified indicators are valorized for the improvement of our System and the company’s operations.
  • Abide by the requirements arising both by the law and by the environmental or other business arrangements with third parties, giving priority to the prevention of pollution, the sustainable exploitation of resources, the adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and the protection of the biodiversity and of the ecosystems, as a condition to encourage trust and long-term cooperation.
  • Encourage the constant upgrade our employees, their training in quality, safety and environmental responsibility, and the acceptance of responsibility for the quality of their own work. We provide all the necessary resources, and inform our employees in detail about the company’s Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, as well as about its milestones and indicators, in order to be ready to immediately respond in emergency situations.
  • The selection of suppliers that accept our commitments to our customers and stakeholders, including those related to environmental protection.


The administration of Living Prospects Ltd provides its support and resources, and focuses on the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, in consultation with its staff, and commits to apply its commitments, in order to achieve its objectives and to inform clients, employees and shareholders for the development of its activities.