Project Description

The setting up of a Welfare Corporation by Municipality of Ilioupoli took place in the context of the adaptation process of the existing Municipal Cultural Development Corporation "D.E.P.A.IL." as defined in the tenth part of the new Code of Municipalities and Communities (L. 3463/2006, OG 114 / A / 08.06.2006), notably those referred to in Article 269, regarding the obligation of all existing Operations of TABs to adapt their statutes to the provisions of the new Local Government Code within a specified period. In particular, the Municipal Development Corporation of Ilioupolis "K.E.D.IL." created by converting existing Municipal Cultural Development Corporation of Ilioupolis "D.E.P.A.IL." and the simultaneous closure of the industry of commercial activities of the enterprise. The creation of the new Corporation and its funding by the Municipality requires the development of both economic and technical viability study and a two-year action plan.

Description of Provided Services

Feasibility Study of the Municipal Welfare Corporation of Ilioupoli Municipality Biennial Programme of Action, including the necessary data required by protocol number 43886 / 03.08.2007 document of the Ministry of Interior Affairs Particularly, the feasibility study was conducted in 3 phases:
  • Data Collection, Capture current situation and exploration of strategic options (Organizational Structure and Job Opportunities, Activities, Economic Status D.E.P.A.IL.). Meanwhile, alternative strategic options for the future development of the Public Welfare Corporation e were investigated, in cooperation with the Municipality and the Administration of D.E.P.A.IL.
  • Elaboration of feasibility study. During this phase analyzed the financial and other information gathered in the previous stage and prepared the feasibility study.
  • Presentation, Control and Improvements. In the last phase of the project, elaborated plans of the feasibility study were presented to the Municipal Authority and the Administration of D.E.P.A.IL while the recorded comments had been incorporated in the plan for the formation of the final text of the study.