Project Description

Organization of a joint thematic seminar and workshop on Determination of optimal allocation and efficient use of resources in climeate change adaptation. The seminar and the workshop had among other educational character and focused on issues of use of natural resources, including agricultural practices (eg water use in greenhouses and other crops). The event is part of the Interreg IVc 'REGIOCLIMA - Regional Cooperation Towards Adaptation to Climate Change' project, with the overall aim of promoting cooperation of European regions to adapt to climate change. The event was attended by representatives of the project partners, executives of Crete, as well as representatives of bodies of local government in Crete.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects Ltd worked directly with the management and the executives of Development Fund of Crete to prepare invitations to representatives of local governments, scientific bodies and the wider public. The provided services included the organization and hosting of the event, preparation of the invitation and agenda, selection of speakers, organization of accommodation and faciliatation of travel options for the speakers and official participants, keeping the minutes, organizing interpretation, photography and videotaping events and writing the final report together with thematic seminar and workshop on 'Determination of optimal allocation and efficient use of resources in adapting to climate change', with speakers Dr. D.. Lala, K. Sinolaki and P. Repinksi.