Project Description

SMARTCUL2RE Project provides a range of innovative activities and creates a joint partnership for the conservation of local resources through the promotion of cultural tourism. The project includes the creation of a single cross-border cultural tourism destination and a comprehensive strategy for the protection, management and enhancement of natural resources in the border region.

The project focuses on areas with rich cultural heritage, including two areas of UNESCO (Corfu and Gjirokaster) aiming to develop cultural tourism, setting as high priorities the protection, the efficient administration and promotion of these areas, based on the principles of sustainable development.

SMARTCUL2RE has been developed and applied in accordance with the strategic studies and researches related to the promotion and development of cultural tourism in the region, ensuring the quality of the expected results.

Description of Provided Services

  • 3.1 Collection and documentation of cultural material for the Region of Ionian Islands (Corfu)
  • 3.3 Workshop for the administration of the cultural resources