Project Description

The project aims at the formation of the free beach of Varkiza, including the construction and operation of special tourism infrastructure facilities, in a total area of ​​140 acres. The proposed projects formation of the the free beach of Varkiza were designed according to the Presidential Decree of 03.05.2004 (Government Gazette 254 / A / 2004) establishing protected areas, land use and building conditions and restrictions on the coastal zone of Attica from Faliron Bay to Agia Marina Koropi. Assistance provided to create distinct landscape units namely: urban forest about 23 acres natural forest about 36 acres, organized beach about 16 acres of wetland area, brushwood (dynamic landscape) eroded coast zone facing about 155 meters and the runway with an outdoor amphitheater for 100 people.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects undertook the preparation and submission of an Environmental Permitting Dossier (Environmental Impact Assessment) for the construction and operation of special tourist infrastructure to the free beach of Varkiza. At the same time, he provided support to the developer (ETA SA, now ETASA SA) for the promotion of the dossier to the competent authorities and the presentation of the project on advisory services (where required, eg Municipality Varkiza - Voula - Vouliagmeni, local association, etc.).