Project Description

The project was implemented under the Interreg IIIB ArchiMed agenda including the Act "Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Network" (A.1.046). The action plan is the definition of specific actions K.A.P.A. towards upgrading the way of presentation of the cultural elements of each partner through the events that take place throughout the year, as well as projection of new cultural products, accompanied by appropriate justification. Accordingly, the objective of the strategic plan is the designation of guidelines to ensure the sustainability of K.A.P.A. accompanied by appropriate justification and also the presentation of concrete proposals for the development of new cultural products in the areas of members of the Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Network.

Description of Provided Services

In the context of the programme, Living Prospects Ltd was involved in: An Action Plan for the Cultural Development Employment Centers (K.A.P.A.) developed under the operation of the Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Network A Strategic Plan for the sustainability of Cultural Development Employment Centers and the creation of new cultural products, specifying precisely and briefly the methodological approach followed in the creation of these two projects, and preparing a detailed inventory of all individual data deemed necessary be given as an input to both Plans. Although these projects were focused in the existed Cultural Development Employment Centers (K.A.P.A.), they were elaborated in a broader context, nominated by the Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Network, ensuring their applicability across the entire network as well as the networking support of the local K.A.P.A. as opposed to the individual action of each partner program.