Project Description

This framework contract with the Committee of the Regions (CoR), aims at providing various types of expertise assistance to support its services, research and planning activities, which cover its political priorities that are the responsibility of the Committee of Sustainable Development (recently renamed as Committee on the Environment, Climate change and Energy - ENVE): Sustainable development and environment, including natural resources, civil protection and tourism, climate change, energy and trans-European networks energy, maritime affairs and fisheries, common agricultural policy and rural development, consumer policy and public health. The plan gives the CoR a network of experts who have the ability to react quickly and therefore allows for wider consultation with local and regional stakeholders, offer the CoR the possibility of drawing up specific opinions on topics of interest and enables the Committee to draw knowledge generated by research centers or universities in the evaluation of policies. Cooperation with the ENVE includes the preparation of analytical documents of policies and summaries, impact assessments and reports on Sustainable Development, and the organization of conferences and events.

Description of Provided Services

Provision of scientific and legal services and elaboration of documents and reports. Beyond the advisory role of its experts, Living prospects undertook the preparation of reports, newsletters and documents of various kinds on the whole range of issues covered by the political activities of the Committee of the Regions. Specifically, the follwoing means were utilized:
  1. Processing of documents of political analysis and summaries
  2. Development of impact studies
  3. Preparation of reports
  4. Organization of conferences and events