Project Description

The project is part of the broader “Eco - Industrial States in Andhra Pradesh”, which was implemented by the Indian - German program “Advisory Services in Environmental Management"- ASEM in cooperation with the Industrial infrastructure Company Andhra Pradesh (APIIC), the leading industrial investment company Facility and development of industrial areas Andhra Pradesh. The APIIC collaborated with the Indian - German Institute of Advanced Technology (IGIAT) to provide training to the employees from APIIC and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA). In particular, the IGIAT supported APIIC implementing best practices in the administration and the development of industrial areas, and facilitated its employees in the planning, programming and management of existing and proposed industrial sites in Andhra Prandesh. Particularly, IGIAT implemented a series of certification courses and other capacity-building activities for the executives of APIIC. The project included the creation of support departments in order to train IGIAT trainers and support the application for the implementation of the compartments. A mixed approach was taken, including lectures, presentations and discussions focusing on teamwork and writing case studies analyzing the current situation and improvement possibilities of three industrial areas located in Visakhapatnam of India. In addition, the project supported the roundtable regarding the Development of Eco - Industrial Parks in Andhra Pradesh, in Hyderabad.

Description of Provided Services

In the context of this project, Living Prospects Ltd implemented the following actions:
  • Preparation and training of the trainers
  • Preparation of the training material
  • Training of about 15 Industrial Property Administrators
  • Support at the roundtable regarding the Development of Eco - Industrial Parks in Andhra Pradesh