Project Description

The project aims to support the City of Ilioupoli to start as a single shareholder enterprise SA TAB, for the exploitation and the administration of municipal property. To realize these objectives, the company builds, operates and manages the municipal property either by its own means, personnel and costs, or lease thereof to third parties, or by granting its use. The company also organizes cultural, scientific, tourist, recreational, artistic and other events in the municipal buildings and spaces and will implement maintenance and rebuilding works.

The single shareholder enterprise SA of the Municipality of Ilioupoli will be in accordance with the provisions of 10th Part of the new Code of Municipalities and Communities (L. 3463/2006, Official Gazette 114 / A / 08.06.2006), notably those referred to in Article 265 on Societe Anonyme TAB. The procedure for creating single shareholder enterprises SA is provided in Articles 253, 265 and 269 of that Act, and the amendments thereto were ratified by Law 3613/2007 (Government Gazette 263 / A / 23-11-2007).

Description of Provided Services

Elaboration of feasibility study for the enterprise SA of the Municipality of Ilioupoli, including the data required by the protocol number 43886/08.03.2007 of the document of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The implementation of the feasibility study was planned in three phases:
  1. Collection of economic and social data concerning the current situation of both the Municipality of Heliopolis, and D.E.P.A.IL., which continues to manage the property and open spaces municipality's until its amendment to a welfare one.
  2. Market Research. Living Prospects Ltd conducted market research in Ilioupolis Municipality, as well as in the neighboring municipalities, in order to properly reflect the economic and developmental characteristics of the areas where the single shareholder enterprise SA will mostly be activated, so the feasibility prospects of it will be investigated.
  3. Elaboration of the feasibility study. During this phase, the financial and the other collected information which were gathered in the previous stage were analysed in order to be prepared the feasibility study.