Project Description

The project focuses in the support of the political and technical-administrative staff of Lakka Souli Municipality to strengthen the policy and managerial capacity (respectively) on the financing of development projects in the region. Both private (local investors) and civil engineering (financing via NSRF) were examined. This includes:

  1. The preparation of the summary report for the development of policies in the fields of interest of the Lakka Souli Municipality
  2. The production and electronic distribution of weekly and monthly newsletters on funding opportunities from national and EU funds
  3. Organization of information events
  4. Proposals for funding projects of national and / or Community funds
  5. the preparation of guidelines for selected EU programmes

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects in cooperation with Lakka Souli Municipality provided consulting services for the following issues:
  • Identification and selection of Development Priorities in the municipality’s areas of interest as well as investment opportunities and capabilities of its citizens
  • Information on vacancies and financed projects
  • Training services on the staff of Lakka Souli Municipality Human Resources on issues related to the design of Co-funded Projects
  • Elaboration of Co-funded project proposals