Project Description

Corfu Port Authority S.A. (O.L.KE.) in order to cover the cooperation needs with external entities derived both by annual operating activities as well as the implementation of co-financed projects (e.g. PELAGOS projects, ADRION, GIPSY, in the context of INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy), performs open, public and international tender procedure as provided in M.D 60/2007 and PD118 / 2007. The project aims to support OLKE in the preparation of tenders, documents in accordance with the advertising rules. Specifically, three open tenders were elaborated: a. Supply and installation of technological platform (system monitoring of visitors of the port) as defined in the co-financed project PELAGOS, b. Port security and c. Cleaning services.

Description of Provided Services

Living Prospects Ltd collaborated directly with the administration and the executives of O.L.KE. SA who are involved with the tender procedures and the scholars of project supply and installation technology platform in order to prepare the terms of the three tenders. The documents of the tenders prepared by Living Prospects Ltd, were included the Summary, the Declaration by the Detailed Technical Specifications and Standards Documents and the Draft Convention. Meanwhile, executives of Living Prospects Ltd provided support during the publication of the tenders, including the publication to the Official Publications Service of the European Union and its database.