Project Description

The SMARTBUILT project, (Structural Monitoring of ARTistic and historical BUILding Testimonies), aims to provide the technical personnel of both the Communities of Trani and Corfu (two areas with a medium level of seismic hazard and high population density) and the "Regional Direction for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Puglia", irreplaceable training tools for the development and / or validation of structural rehabilitation and the seismic rehabilitation of historic buildings.

The results of the project include - among others - innovative contemporary descriptions of basic elements for vulnerability modeling of historical buildings caused by dynamic loads and an extensive analysis of the general principles that should be fulfilled by the vulnerability assessment methodologies in buildings. In addition, the project developed a hybrid model to measure bulding vulnerability caused by strong vibrations, offering the possibility to accurately predict the behavior of a building structure in response of unpredicted stress methods.

Description of Provided Services

Publication of a book in Greek and English, entitled «HISTORICAL CENTRES AMONG CULTURE, ART AND TECNIQUES: THE CASE STUDY OF CORFU». As part of its activities, the company undertook to support the overall editing and graphic work of the publication, as follows:
  1. Design, drafting, editing, final design and delivery of the publication to be printed.
  2. Printing and final delivery of 300 copies of the book.